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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and GetSmarter: 8 sustainability trends driving business in 2017

In this 2017 trends briefing from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) highlights the key developments that business leaders need to anticipate and respond to.

The sustainability trends briefing explores:

  • the implications of the Paris Agreement on governments and industry
  • the need to rewire the global economy to ensure the future of our planet and species
  • the increase of cities and states taking the lead in sustainable developments

  • rising social inequality and disengagement following   the uneven distribution of costs and benefits of global economic growth and industrial innovation
  • innovative disruption and business opportunities (including cross-industry collaboration).

In this briefing, CISL and online education company GetSmarter identify some of the sustainability trends business leaders need to know in order to drive meaningful change that will lead to a more sustainable global economy.

CISL and GetSmarter have also collaborated to offer an online short course in Business Sustainability Management. The course gives working professionals the tools to argue for, strategise and implement sustainable business practices. Additionally, successful completion of the course grants students access to a global network of like-minded sustainability professionals and business leaders.

Access the report here.