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Sustainablesmartcities.org is a new initiative from the Environmental Industries Commission, a UK-based trade association for the environmental technologies and services sector. It aims to accelerate the market for cleaner, greener cities by connecting decision makers and the innovative, smart technologies providing the solutions to these challenges.

The website aims to provide a central, industry-led, resource to bring together all those using smart technologies and big data to create cleaner, greener, and more sustainable cities. In addition, it promotes the accelerated growth of this industry by:

  • Providing a central platform for sharing case studies and best practice from around the world ‘“ helping both industry and city leaders learn more quickly what works (and what doesn’ t) to underpin investment decision making.
  • Connecting people and encouraging collaboration. Through the case study database, networking events and other related activities, we facilitate connections between the cities facing environmental challenges, and those providing the innovative solutions to meet them.
  • Providing industry thought-leadership, market intelligence, and investment insight. We produce a series of in-depth policy reports, briefing papers and blog posts by leading industry stakeholders to help you better understand the future direction of the market and make more informed decisions.
  • Lobbying governments and policy makers for a regulatory framework which supports and encourages innovation. We don’ t just talk about the challenges faced by companies and cities trying to deliver better environmental standards, we actively lobby for a regulatory framework which can make this happen faster.