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Open Knowledge International: Global Open Data Index

According to the Open Knowledge International, the Global Open Data Index (GODI) provides the most comprehensive snapshot available of the state of open government data publication.  GODI is an independent assessment of open government data publication from a civic perspective, enabling different open data stakeholders to track government’ s progress on open data release. It also allows governments to get direct feedback from data users. The index gives both parties a baseline for discussion and analysis of the open data ecosystem in their country and internationally.  In this year’ s edition, aspects of “practical openness’ like data findability, have been also experimented and measured. These are also acknowledged by the  International Open Data Charter Principles two to four. The information gained from this assessment is displayed in the results and will be available to download.

The main assumptions followed by this research include:

  1. Assumption 1 – Open data is defined by the Open Definition.
  2. Assumption 2 – The role of government in publishing data.
  3. Assumption 3 – The Global Open Data Index is a ‘˜national’ indicator.
  4. Assumption 4 – GODI assesses ‘˜places’ instead of ‘˜countries’ .

You can find more information and results here.