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Libelium White paper: 50 Real IoT success stories after ten years of experience in the market

With the aim to unveil its horizontal approach to the IoT market, Libelium has launched a new white paper to  present 50 real smart projects deployed in 120 countries all over the world. The IoT company has summarized its most successful and appealing stories, developed with Libelium technology and its partners’ ecosystem, for  the main verticals of the market. The white paper includes real IoT projects for environment care, water management, precision agriculture, smart cities, parking management, smart building, smart factory, logistics, retail and eHealth.

Τhe company has featured some  real success stories  that are enhancing the competitiveness of many companies and are facing the most important challenges of the new milenium. For example, the precision farming solution developed in Australia to  reduce losses in one of the main nurseries of the country; the Smart Water system to  control water quality in Vietnamese fish farms; the Smart City mobile monitoring system to  control air quality in Glasgow; or the  eHealth project in Dominican Republic  to prevent pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO, and David Gascón, Libelium CTO, analyse in the white paper the position of the company and the short-term trends and challenges that have arisen in the market.

The projects


  • WINTER HIGHWAYS – Monitoring weather conditions and road temperature to make better informed gritting salt decisions in the UK
  • MASAYA VOLCANO – Predicting eruptions in the Mouth of Hell to save human lives
  • THAILAND MINE – Controlling air quality and weather to strengthen the environmental, social and labour commitment of the gold mine
  • PERU RAINFOREST – Monitoring weather and water conditions to control climate change in the National Park of Manú in Peru
  • PANDA RAID RALLY – Monitoring climate changes and tracking position in extreme conditions without suffering any damage or data losing
  • BEEHIVES – Reading honey beehives behaviour and monitoring health and global pollination
  • OPEN SOURCE SATELLITE – Creating the first sensors network in the space controlled by researchers from the Earth
  • FUKUSHIMA – Designing a radiation detection sensor board for Waspmote in response to the nuclear accident
  • FOREST FIRE – Detecting forest fire to save human lives and prevent the disappearance of green areas


  • IMETLAND – Solving small communities wastewater treatment needs in a cost-effective and energy efficient way
  • IWESLA – Saving water by improving water efficiency and safety in living areas with a smart management system
  • FISH FARMS – Controlling water quality in Vietnamese fish farms to reduce the number of lost animals and improve product quality
  • SMART MARINA – Monitoring mooring berths by controlling the sea level and weather conditions in a touristic port in Greece
  • WASTEWATER IRRIGATION AREA – Preventing environmental impact in wastewater irrigation area for the largest meat industry in Australia
  • AQUARIUM – Enhancing the measurement of the water parameters of a real aquatic environment in terms of reliability and frequency
  • CYCLE MANAGEMENT – Creating a hybrid sensor network between mobile and fixed nodes irrigating water quality specific sensors


  • KIWI – Developing a smart irrigation system with Sigfox and GPRS connection in a kiwi plantation
  • NURSERY – Controlling crops conditions to ensure crops health and to reduce losses
  • MARIJUANA – Providing maximum yield in medical marijuana crops to deliver the best quality product
  • BANANA – Improving banana crops production and agricultural sustainability in Colombia using sensor networks
  • BARCELONA – Saving water with a Smart Irrigation system in Barcelona controlling water flow and soil moisture
  • TOBACCO – Increasing crops quantity and quality and supporting decisions about agricultural operations
  • ORGANIC FARMS – Predicting measurements and events that could help farmers and agronomists to save time and money in farms
  • OLIVES – Controlling fruit fly pest in olives groves and creating a model to predict the diffusion of flies
  • STRAWBERRIES – Controlling crops conditions to ensure crops health and to reduce losses
  • COCOA – Helping Indonesian farmers to improve production and to face climate change
  • VINEYARDS – Monitoring multiple environmental parameters in order to avoid pests and optimize irrigation
  • GALICIAN VINEYARDS – Creating a statistical model to predict the appearance of plagues within the vineyard with wireless sensor networks


  • GLASGOW – Developing a mobile monitoring system to control air quality, meet regulation and reduce gas emissions
  • NORDIC COUNTRIES – Monitoring and reporting GHG emissions to get direct feedback of the city’ s emissions reduction initiatives
  • THE NETHERLANDS CANALS – Managing shipping traffic to control the amount of flow boats and to optimize bridges opening and closing
  • MÁLAGA – Traffic and road conditions monitoring to develop an urban planning adapted to real demand
  • OVIEDO – Monitoring water and air quality in civil works with an environmental impact detection system
  • CORUÑA – Improving city’ s efficiency and sustainability creating an open innovation ecosystem
  • GETARIA – Environmental monitoring to increase citizens welfare and become a smart and sustainable tourist destination
  • LA GARROTXA – Enhancing urban resilience in the smart city: river flood and forest fire early detection
  • SERBIA – Deploying a mobile wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring for public transportation
  • SALAMANCA – Deploying a mobile wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring for public transportation
  • SANTANDER – Controlling gas emissions and noise pollution for a better environment care


  • DUBAI – Providing customers with a smart parking system to ease the search of free parking slots
  • CALIFORNIA – Guiding drivers to available spaces at San Diego’ s historic Rosecroft Estate


  • LIBELIUM – Living IoT Lab to monitor parking, water quality, ambient and environmental conditions
  • LJUBLJANA – Following the Green Mission strategy of BTC City Shopping and Business Centre
  • SANTIAGO DE CHILE AIRPORT – Ensuring quality in the management and operation of airport infrastructures by monitoring environmental conditions


  • POLIBOL – Reducing maintenance costs and ensuring quality in the manufacturing process
  • INBLAY TECHNOLOGY – Monitoring temperature and vibration of industrial motors to warn when abnormal operation is detected


  • PETROL STATION – Monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic in a service station to know the behaviour of customers
  • BAKERY COMPANY – Creating a real-time cold chain monitoring system for a bakery and pastry company in Zaragoza (Spain)


  • INFECTOLOGÍA’ S DOMINICAN FOUNDATION – Reducing maternal deaths by monitoring patients risk to identify the symptoms of preeclampsia
  • PROJECT HOPE – Creating a device to aid in the efficient detection of tachypnea, an indication of pneumonia in children, to reduce child mortality
  • DELTAZ – Controlling real-time conditions and the cold chain of vaccines and other medicines


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