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White Paper: Smart City Value Chain

The Smart City Value Chain White Paper, produced by e-Madina Smart City cluster, tries to explore the role of cities in addressing global issues. It highlights the fact that the Smart & Sustainable City approach is the solution adopted by more and more cities around the world, and it is seen as a quick way for cities to modernize by combining people’ s collective intelligence with information technology. At the same time, in the case of developing countries, this approach is an opportunity for them to catch up with advanced countries by accelerating their transformation in a sustainable and responsible way.

This white paper offers to a set of stakeholders (public, private, citizens) in Moroccan territory the opportunity to express their views on this subject, having as a broader scope to disseminate the concept of smart cities, making it more accessible to a wider audience. The main topic of this annual report is Smart City value chain.

The list of contents includes the following issues:

  • Introduction to the value chain smart city “from data to value’
  • Power of the People
  • Collection and use of urban data
  • Platform and telecom operators at the heart of the transformation of cities
  • The Platform-as-a-City model
  • The cloud platform as the “City as-a-Service’
  • The one-stop services to citizens
  • The lighting of the future, City Touch, Smart Lighting
  • Real time 3D & immersive experiences
  • Frugal Social Sustainable Collaborative Smart City Casablanca, a new concept to promote eco-citizenship and green inclusive development
  • Which governance for the individual data?
  • Building the cities of tomorrow: embedding Shared Value in the urban territory
  • New Data-related businesses
  • Smart Technologies for Smart Cities

You can read the full report here.