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Video: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for Smart City Networks

Automated networks are essential for smart cities. A key enabler is the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques and to drive network automation. In this panel  that was held in OpenStack  summit 2017, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experts explore  architectures and techniques needed to automate smart city networks.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have seen a resurgence in investment with renewed promise because of 2 changes in recent years: availability of many more data points, and deployment of specialized silicon providing highly parallel computation increasing processing capacity for data processing making Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology less “brittle’.

The expectation is Machine Learning can be utilized to train Artificial Intelligence systems to recognize patterns in vast amounts of real time network telemetry data, providing early recognition of developing network performance issues, before they negatively impact human experience. Then policy driven Artificial Intelligence systems can take automatic action to change the course of events, avoiding impacting user outages.