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The Urban Agenda for the EU launches public feedback

Through the Public Feedback you are invited to provide your views on the draft actions proposed in the Background Papers by the Partnerships. This feedback will be used by the Partnerships for the preparation of the final Action Plan. All interested stakeholders (e.g. institutions and authorities, academies and research centres, companies, NGOs, experts and citizens’¦) are invited to contribute by sharing their knowledge and commenting the actions developed by the Partnerships. Participation is open to all. Participants will find all relevant information on Futurium, including the Background Paper, the Public Feedbacks with their corresponding links and all news and updates related to the Urban Agenda for the EU. The Action Plans will be officially presented and discussed in October.

Background Papers released for Public Feedback are available ‘‹for the following Partnerships:

Press one of the above themes to join the thematic public feedback.

Source: European Commission, Futurium