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Open Data for All: 2017 Progress Report

At the fourth International Open Data Conference in Madrid, Spain in October 2016, New  York City’ s Chief Analytics Officer debuted the Open Data team’ s six “Open Data Values.’  Each of these values is presented here, along with a specific step the administration has taken  to ensure that every new open data initiative reflects the Open Data for All vision: that  every New Yorker can benefit from Open Data, and that Open Data can benefit from every  New Yorker.

These include:

  • Start with users
  • Encourage purposeful and easy engagement
  • Treat the publication of the  dataset as the first step of  opening data
  • Empower agencies
  • Integrate Open Data  into citywide processes
  • Learn, test, standardize ‘” and learn again



According to the numbers, during this effort:

  • 170 new datasets were published
  • there were 140K monthly users
  • there was 367% increase in inquiries to Open Data Team since the Help Desk launch
  • 38 new automations were included
  • it takes only 5 minutes between updates

You can find the full report here.