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Smart Cities: Applications, Technologies, Standards, and Driving Factors

This book provides an in-depth analysis of key issues in the development of smart city technologies and delivers a conceptual framework for a smart city implementation plan. It is divided into broad topical sections including Vision & Reality, Technology & Architecture, Transportation Considerations and Infrastructure & Environment. It has been edited by Stan McClellan,Jesus A. Jimenez and George Koutitas and it has been published by Springer.

This book reviews the applications, technologies, standards, and other issues related to Smart Cities. The book is divided into   four broad topical sections including Vision & Reality, Technologies & Standards, Transportation Considerations, and Infrastructure & Environment. In these sections, authors present essential aspects of applications, technologies, requirements, and best-practices. In all cases, the authors have direct, substantive experience with the subject and present an important viewpoint driven by industry or governmental interests; the authors have each participated in the development and/or deployment of constituent technologies, standards, and applications, and share unique perspectives on key areas of the Smart City.


Part I: Vision & Reality

  1. Smart Cities: Vision on-the-Ground – Ted Lehr
  2. Funding a Smart City: From Concept to Actuality – Stephen R. Galati
  3. The System Complexities of Smart Cities and the Systems Approach for Standardization – Manyphay Viengkham

Part II: Technology & Architecture

4. The Smart Grid: Anchor of the Smart City – George Koutitas

5. The Internet of Things: Nervous System of the Smart City – Yang Zou, Brad Jolly, Ryan Li, Mingyan Wang and Ramandeep Kaur

6. The Cloud: A Critical Smart City Asset – Brad Booth

Part III: Transportation Considerations

7. Transportation Electrification – Karl Popham

8. Smart Transportation Systems – Jesus Jimenez

9. Reconfigurable Computing for Smart Vehicles – Vikas Chaudhary

Part IV: Infrastructure & Environment

10. Smart Buildings and Grid Distribution Management – Phil Powell

11. Smart City Lighting – Chris Boissevain

12. Smart Water Solutions for Smart Cities – Thomas Dickey

13. Technology-Enhanced Infrastructure – Peter John Schemmel, John Joseph Schemmel and Evan Diane Humphries

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