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Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services and Government

Across the globe, government offices are testing applications of Artificial intelligence (AI). The prevailing citizen  services use cases relate to citizen inquiries and information. This paper,  from Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation,  explores the various types of Artificial intelligence applications, and current and future  uses of AI in government delivery of citizen services, with a focus on citizen inquiries and  information. It also offers strategies for governments as they consider implementing AI.

Many AI case studies in citizen services today fall into five categories:  answering questions, filling out and searching documents, routing requests,  translation, and drafting documents. These applications could make government work  more efficient while freeing up time for employees to build better relationships with  citizens. With citizen satisfaction with digital government offerings leaving much to be  desired, AI may be one way to bridge the gap while improving citizen engagement and  service delivery.

The paper concludes that:

AI has the potential to have a great impact on the way citizens experience and interact  with their government. While AI is not a solution to government problems, it is one  powerful tool to increase government efficiency. Implementation of and use of AI in citizen  services may also become an indicator of how the public sector can leverage other  emerging digital tools. AI raises questions around privacy, the accelerating pace and  adoption of digital tools, and whether humans can keep pace with the rate of automation  overtime. Earlier use of AI ‘” starting with low-risk applications in service delivery  ‘” could pave the way for citizen feedback and engagement on these and other questions  about emerging digital tools. With increased interaction with AI, and by building  upon existing modernization efforts, government delivery of citizen services could  soon mirror the ways citizens interact with technology in their personal lives.

Download the paper “Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services  and Government”