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TRIMIS: EU just launched a new Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System

TRIMIS post logoOne of the key domains that the design and implementation of Smart Cities address is transport. Smart cities around the world attempt to leverage new and developing technologies to solve their transportation problems. These efforts to bring transportation systems networks into the 21st century is a critical component to any smart city project. Tomorrow’ s smart cities attempt to redefine sustainability and liveability.

Transportation systems that are efficient, environmentally friendly and move hundreds to thousands of people quickly, comfortably and affordably to their destinations will be a defining feature of many of the new ecocities.

The European Commission has launched an online tool to help analyse the effectiveness of transport innovation in delivering the EU’ s energy and transport strategy

TRIMIS key components

What is TRIMIS?

The Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System, or TRIMIS, maps and analyses research trends and innovation capacities across Europe’s transport sector. TRIMIS supports transport policy makers and researchers by helping to identify innovations with the greatest promise for the future, and aid policy makers to focus on areas where public intervention can create the highest added value.

TRIMIS is an analytical support tool that provides a complete assessment of technology trends and research and innovation capacities in the European transport system. It is designed as an open-access information and knowledge management system. In the core of it is a database of transport projects and programmes, as well as transport technologies and innovations. This will help gather and disseminate information on the status of research and innovation and ensure a systematic horizon scanning.

TRIMIS can be found on https://trimis.ec.europa.eu/