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World Development Report 2018: Realizing the Promise of Education for Development

The World Development Report 2018, produced by the World Bank, highlights the role of education as an essential factor for improving human welfare’”both inherently and instrumentally. As it is stated, this report represents an opportunity to take stock of what we know and to provide guidance on how to expand the scope and quality of education around the world.

Four thematic questions have been explored throughout the WDR 2018, including:

  • Theme 1 – The promise of education: Education is a powerful instrument for eradicating poverty and promoting shared prosperity, but fulfilling its potential requires better policies and delivery’”both within and outside the education system.
  • Theme 2 – The learning crisis and learning metrics to guide reform: Despite gains in access to education, many children and youth are leaving school unequipped with the skills they need for life and work.
  • Theme 3 – Effective interventions to build learning: Ending the learning crisis requires using the knowledge on promising interventions.
  • Theme 4 – Learning at scale: Achieving results at scale is not simply a matter of “scaling up’ promising interventions: instead, reforming systems requires tackling both technical complexity and political challenges.

It will aim to lay the foundations for a sustained policy focus on learning outcomes and skills for life and work, and to provide guidance on how education systems can be reformed to deliver them.

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