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TM Forum Publishes ‘City as a Platform’ Manifesto

Like public administrations across Europe, cities are having difficulties getting to grips with the opportunities and challenges generated by digital transformation. The implementation of initiatives that harness the potential of the digitalisation for the benefit of citizens and businesses, such as smart cities, is challenging. A smart city is a place where the traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital technologies.

As part of an action supporting Smart Cities, the TM Forum has published the City as a Platform Manifesto. The Manifesto notes the role of cities in the data economy and the emergence of platforms as a key component of the modern economy (“by understanding, adapting and applying platform business model principles, cities can become regional or global knowledge hubs and innovation centres“). It outlines 10 principles to develop a global common framework between the public and private sector to drive the desired outcome of sustainability, inclusivity and targeted innovation. As part of the principles, the manifesto promotes the use of common standards and technical specifications that can be reused in the creation of smart city projects.

Access the manifesto here

Source: European Commission, news of the Connecting Europe Facility programme