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Proceedings of DSCIM 2017

DSCIM – 1st Doctoral Students Conference on Innovation Management, was held in October 4-6 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia, bringing together students from different countries and from different perspectives, who do their doctoral research in this exciting field. This event connected these students with practitioners and industry, so that a synergy effect can be made to spark further collaborations.

This conference was organized in the framework of the Tempus project “MAIN’ – Mastering innovation in Serbia through development and implementation of interdisciplinary post-graduate curricula in innovation management. The general objective of this project was to foster Serbian innovative capacity by modernizing the Serbian higher education system and providing a sustainable source of high-quality human resources. The project achieved this by developing and realizing interdisciplinary postgraduate curricula in thefield of innovation management based on best practice from existing EU study programs and according to the Bologna requirements at Serbian higher education.

Participants in this conference had different backgrounds: economics, industrial engineering and management, business administration, psychology, mechanical engineering and law; this fact truly depicts the interdisciplinary nature of Innovation science.

The topics of the papers presented in this conference vary widely, and are listed below:

  • A holistic approach for measuring the human contribution to regional innovation output
  • Measuring Social Innovation – research plan
  • Influence of Value Networks on the Effectiveness of Open Innovation Implementation
  • A Proposed Framework for University – Industry Interactions: The case of South – East European Countries
  • The effect of human oriented factors on innovations: The mediating role of knowledge management capability
  • Openness of External Search Strategy and Innovation Performance of Egyptian SMEs and Large Firms
  • Measuring innovation performance of work teams: a state of the science review of approaches and guiding framework for selecting indicators
  • Comparative analysis of the most influential parameters that impact innovations in two EU states: Romania as “Modest Innovator” and Italy as “Moderate Innovator”
  • Innovation in the Hungarian educational sector
  • Open Innovation Intermediaries across Africa: An Approach to Managing the Sustainability of Open Innovation Projects

The official proceedings of the conference can be found here: DSCIM2017proceedings

The official page of the DSCIM, in the website of the University of Novi Sad, can be found here.