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Top 10 Success Factors for Smart City Development

Technology-driven design firm, IBI Group, released a whitepaper on the ‘˜Top 10 Smart City Success Factors’ . The whitepaper draws on the firm’ s experience designing smart cities and  delivering intelligent transportation systems internationally, and sheds light on the key elements required for cities to develop and implement a successful strategy.

Smart Cities are already a reality. Government and private sector initiatives worldwide are exploring innovative ways to make cities in the 21st Century more efficient, more livable, and more competitive. We believe that achieving these goals is not just about being technologically advanced ‘“ it’ s also about urban renewal and citizen engagement

said Bruno Peters, IBI Group Smart Cities Task Force Lead, and author of the whitepaper.

Top 10 Smart City Success Factor

  1. Stakeholder benefits
  2. Engagement & buy-in
  3. Regional alignment with a community focus
  4. Strategy momentum and foundational initiatives
  5. Clarity
  6. “Dust-proofing’ the strategy
  7. Lessons learned
  8. Urban integration
  9. Performance indicators
  10. Creating a lasting smart city culture

Via Smart Cities World