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EasyPark: 2017 Smart Cities Index

EasyPark recently published a very interesting interactive report on the 2017 Smart Cities Index. To create the index, they first studied over 500 cities worldwide, looking at countries with very high and medium development, as defined by the Human Development Index. They also looked at those cities which appear on the UN prosperity list and the European Commission’ s Digital City Index. They then analysed these 500 cities for 19 factors relating to smart cities to determine the final list of 100, aiming to cover a wide range of regions, and prioritising capitals, financial centres and other points of interest wherever possible. They did not analyse really new cities that are planned to be the smartest in the world but are not yet fully finished or not widely known (e.g. Masdar City) due to lack of data.

Here is a snapshot of the 5 top smart cities of the world:


Read more about the cities and the methodology here.