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Easypark’ s Smart Cities Index reveals top Smart Cities for 2017

The 2017 Smart Cities Index, published by Stockholm-based smart parking service Easypark, ranks the top 100 smart cities around the world along 19 factors related to smart city technology such as public transport, clean energy, citizen participation, urban planning, smartphone penetration or living standard. The top smart city was Copenhagen, while the top five also included Singapore, Stockholm, Zurich and Boston.

Easypark created the index by studying over 500 cities worldwide, chosen from countries with very high and medium development. It aimed to cover a wide range of regions, prioritizing capitals, financial centers, and other points of interest wherever possible. The 19 factors were measured and graded on a 1-to-10 scale. For an added expert opinion, over 20,000 technology and urban planning journalists were asked to rate how smart they considered each location to be.

The index allows users to view the top cities per factor examined. For example, Montreal has the highest rating in smart parking, Singapore in public transport, Reykjavik in clean energy, Stockholm in digitalization of government, San Francisco in internet speed, Luxembourg in smartphone penetration etc.

Major metropolises are relatively low in the overall rankings, with London in the 17th place, New York 24th, Los Angeles 46th. Barcelona, which is famous for its smart city solutions trails at 53rd place.

Easypark’ s Smart Cities Index for 2017 can be found in their website.

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