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Japan’s Smart Cities

There is very little in the literature about what Japan is doing in the field of smart cities. The report “Japan’ s Smart Cities” by Andrew DeWit shows a series of domains in which smart city concepts and technologies have been applied.

Japanese smart cities are a work in progress. Among the factors that distinguish Japanese smart cities from their counterparts overseas are:
(1) A focus on smart energy systems and disaster resilience
(2) A “whole of government,’ integrated approach
(3) An emphasis on building up from the micro as opposed to bolstering the macro-grid
(4) An accelerating deployment due to the March 11, 2011 (3/11) Fukushima disaster

Japan’ s smart city paradigm is expressed in hundreds, if not thousands, of policies and
progress reports on smart-energy, disaster, spatial and other planning initiatives. It is conveniently distilled in a book (in Japanese) edited by Kashiwagi Takao, titled “The Super Smart Infrastructure Revolution:.

Download the full report Japan’s Smart Cities
Andrew DeWit
Professor, School of Economic Policy Studies
Rikkyo University, Tokyo Japan
Email: dewit@rikkyo.ne.jp