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2018 World Happiness Report

happiness reportThe 2018 World Happiness Report is published by the Global Happiness Council (GHC), a new global network of leading academic specialists in happiness and key practictioners in areas like psychology, economics, urban planning etc. Their report contains practical solutions for governments and cities interested in boosting wellbeing.

The first volume of the Global Happiness Policy Report contains the first endeavors by the Global Happiness Council, chaired by the SDSN’ s Jeffrey Sachs to assemble best practices for happiness policy. A companion to the World Happiness Report (WHR) ‘“ reporting the who and why countries are happy ‘“ the Global Happiness Policy Report helps to fill the gap on the how to help countries in well-being with the science of happiness and policy applications. The policy report was presented at World Government Summit held in Dubai on February 10, 2018.

Following a stage-setting introduction and an overall synthesis by Professor John Helliwell, the policy report delivers findings from six expert teams. As Professor Helliwell highlights,   “this report is a distillation of ideas and experiments all over the world’. The six theme chapters fall into two groups of three chapters each. Chapters in the first group focus on best practices for happiness policies within the context of a national or sub-national government-namely, health, education, and employment. Chapters in the second group each address cross-cutting issues that are likely of interest to multiple ministries and to the center of government: personal happiness, cities, and measurement. Examples follow from each of the six theme chapters.


The report includes the following chapters:

  1. Good Governance in the 21st Century
  2. Global Happiness Policy Synthesis 2018
  3. Mental Illness Destroys Happiness And Is Costless To Treat
  4. Positive Education
  5. Work and Well-being: A Global Perspective
  6. Social Well-Being : Research and Policy Recommendations
  7. Happy Cities in a Smart World
  8. Countries’ Experiences with Well-being and Happiness Metrics

  • Read the whole report here.