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Connected Intelligence in Smart Cities

My talk on “Connected Intelligence in Smart Cities’ at the inauguration event of the Microcosmic Intelligent City Center, Jheronums Academy of Data Science in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Main argument of the talk is that problem-solving and novel solutions to grand challenges of the 21st century (growth, sustainability, safety and security) emerge from connecting heterogeneous entities: human competences; data and knowledge; unrelated fields of know-how; methods from different disciplines of science and technology; and resources distributed over a large number of individuals, organisations, and places.

Consequently, intelligence and problem-solving depend on spaces that mediate and facilitate the interconnections of humans, knowledge and resources. This connectivity takes place into cyber-physical spaces of smart cities, enabled by the Internet and the world-wide-web, social media, civic technologies, smart environments, and datasets produced by human activities in cities here people live and work.

The talk highlights three types of spaces to be found in smart cities “shared spaces and platforms’, “engagement spaces’, and “awareness spaces’, which generate respectively three types of innovation, namely disruptive innovations, social innovations, and eco-innovations.

The talk on youtube: Connected Intelligence in Smart Cities
The PPP:  Connected Intelligence in Smart Cities