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Smart City Demonstrators: A global review of challenges and lessons learned

Smart City Demonstrators is an extensive research report by Future Cities Catapult aiming to shed light on what can be learned from existing smart city solutions and services and inform the next generation of city-based projects.

Our cities are facing increasingly complex challenges such as air pollution, population
growth and road congestion. How can cities find innovative approaches to addressing
these complex challenges? Smart City Demonstrators is an approach to demonstrating the value of data at city-scale. The digital technologies deployed help address environmental, economic and financial challenges. Providing insights into how these demonstrators have tackled barriers and found new innovative approaches and opportunities will help not only these cities but others that follow in their digital footsteps to deliver successful outcomes in the years to come.

In summary, this report aims to:

  • Provide a view of the global smart city demonstrator landscape
  • Identify trends with regards to aims, scale, funding sources, use-cases and locations of demonstrators
  • Analyse common challenges experienced by demonstrators across a range of market
  • Discover and share what lessons have been learned during the planning, delivery and management phases of previous demonstrators
  • Highlight innovative ways in which demonstrators have overcome the challenges
    they have experienced.
The global smart city demonstrator landscape

  • Read and download the whole report here.