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Colorado Open Lab set to open in 2019

The Colorado Open Lab, an Internet of Things engineering lab for customer development showcase and innovation collaboration to fast track development of IoT appliances and AI-enhanced applications, will open before mid-2019.

The lab is the result of a public private partnership between the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and Arrow Electronics, Inc., and it will open in Arrow’ s global headquarters in Centennial, Colorado. Arrow provides electronics and enterprise computing solutions for customers and suppliers in industrial and commercial markets, having a network of more than 345 locations in over 80 countries. The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is so far the only case of a state-wide alliance of cities, counties and regions within the US. It sets the standard for a new economic model, as it is a multi-jurisdictional collaboration of public, private, federal research, academic and business sector leaders committed to accelerating adoption of smart cities projects and initiatives throughout Colorado.

The Open Lab will include engineering facilities with high-tech equipment, a customer experience center and a live experience of Smart City showcase consisting of technologies and solutions deployed across the region. It will be open for members of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance to collaborate, discover, innovate, test and confidently validate Smart City solutions before they continue their development in practice, in the actual location.

The lab will be active in the development and showcase of many key Smart City technologies, including Smart Street Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Buildings, environment and resource conservation, energy resilience, infrastructure and asset management, intelligent transportation, connected and automated vehicles, public safety, agriculture, Smart City ICT Infrastructure, security and regional scalability.

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