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OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2018

OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance logoOECD Regions and Cities at a Glance shows how regions and cities are progressing toward stronger economies, better lives for people, and more inclusive societies. The report provides a comparative picture of trends in economic growth, productivity and entrepreneurship across regions and metropolitan areas. It also assesses how people’ s well-being is changing across regions, both within and across countries, including progress on closing gender gaps.

This report presents regional and metropolitan updates for more than 40 indicators to assess disparities within countries and their evolution since the turn of the new millennium. The report covers all OECD countries and, where data is available, Brazil, People’ s Republic of China, Colombia, Lithuania, Peru, the Russian Federation, Tunisia and South Africa. Three new features characterise this edition. First, an assessment migrant integration, based on new indicators produced for OECD regions. Second, recent trends on entrepreneurship in regions, with new indicators on creation and destruction of firms and on the jobs associated with such dynamics. Third, an assessment of socio-economic conditions, inequalities and poverty in metropolitan areas and their neighbourhoods.

Data and research on public governance including budgeting, public expenditure, public-private partnerships (PPPs), public sector innovation, public employment and public finances are addressing the following key issues for each country:

OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance issues

For each of the above issues a comprehensive analysis and data are presented in the following sections:
OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2018 structure

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