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NESTA Prediction for 2019: The rise of the ‘˜City Brain’

NESTA City BrainNESTA just published its annual predictions for 2019. One of them refers to one of the global races which might be on to build ‘˜City Brains’ . According the post the concept of a “smart city’ has been around for several decades, often associated with hype, grandiose failures, and an overemphasis on hardware rather than people. NESTA points out that various technologies are now coming of age which bring the vision of a smart city closer to fruition. China is described to be in the forefront, investing heavily in sensors and infrastructures, and its ET City Brain project shows just how far the country’ s thinking has progressed.

Utilizing comprehensive real-time city data, ET City Brain holistically optimizes urban public resources by instantly correcting defects in urban operations. This has led to numerous breakthroughs in urban government models, service models, and industrial development. ET City Brain is about data integration, data convergence, and intelligent deployment. ET City Brain aims to improve Urban

  • Government Model
  • Service Model
  • Industrial Development

City Brain attempts to improve government administrative capabilities by solving prominent problems that makes government more intelligent and responsible to citizens. It allows cities to better serve enterprises and individuals at any time and anywhere through efficient urban public services and conserving public resources. Publicly available urban data is an important resource that serves as a catalyst for industrial development and promotes the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries.

First launched in September 2016, ET City Brain is a collaboration between Chinese technology giant Alibaba and several cities. It was first trialled in Hangzhou but has since expanded to other Chinese cities. Earlier this year, Kuala Lumpur became the first city outside of China to import the ET City Brain model.

NESTA: The global race is on to build ‘˜City Brains’

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