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Faster, Stronger Smart Cities with Location Intelligence

CARTO, a platform to build powerful Location Intelligence apps, published a post summarising the opportunities that the Location Intelligence technologies and solutions offer to Smart Cities. From disaster relief and health services to traffic optimisation and more, Location Intelligence is making cities not just smarter, but stronger and faster. As distinctly spatial entities, cities uniquely benefit from a deeper understanding of ‘˜where’ .  

“Smart Cities’ technology will continue to develop and proliferate, offering the urbanists of today and tomorrow the opportunity to change the way that over 50% of the world’ s population lives. With unprecedented data sources, powerful visualization tools, and the latest data science methods, Location Intelligence solutions are central to city growth and the capacity that today’ s cities have to make life safer, healthier, faster, and better for their citizens.

Carto presents examples where location intelligence technologies support cities to:

  • Faster Organization and Implementation of Disaster Relief and Reconstruction
  • Strengthening Traffic and Mobility Systems
  • Greater Citizen Access to City Data

Read “Faster, Stronger Smart Cities with Location Intelligence” in CARTO blog.