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Web Intelligence Conference 2019 in Thessaloniki

WI_2019The research group Data and Web Science Lab at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, along with the Master of Science (MSc) in Data and Web Science are organising the IEEE/WIC/ACM WI’19 conference at Thessaloniki on 14-17 October, 2019.

Web Intelligence (WI) aims to achieve a multi-disciplinary balance between research advances in the fields of collective intelligence, data science, human-centric computing, knowledge management, and network science. It is committed to addressing research that deepens the understanding of computational, logical, cognitive, physical as well as business and social foundations of the future Web, and enables the development and application of intelligent technologies. WI’ 19 features high-quality, original research papers and real-world applications in all theoretical and technological areas that make up the field of WI.

The 18th Web Intelligence conference (WI’ 19) aims to achieve a multi-disciplinary balance between research and technological disruptive advances in the fields of how intelligence is impacting the Web of People, the Web of Data, the Web of Things, the Web of Trust, and the Web of Health. WI’ 19 welcomes research, application as well as Industry/Demo track paper submissions in these core thematic pillars under wider topics, which demand WI innovative and disruptive solutions for any of the next indicative sub-topics.

Track 1: Web of People

  • Social networks analytics
  • Social media and dynamics
  • User and behavioral modeling
  • Human centric computing
  • Opinion mining
  • Recommendation engines
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Crowdsourcing and social data mining
  • People oriented applications and services

Track 2: Web of Data

  • Data science and machine learning
  • Big data analytics
  • Data integration and data provenance
  • Cognitive models
  • Computational models
  • Information search and retrieval
  • Algorithms and knowledge management
  • Knowledge bases and semantic networks
  • Linked data management and analytics
  • Data driven services and applications

Track 3: Web of Things

  • IoT data analytics
  • Web infrastructures and devices Mobile web
  • Distributed systems and devices
  • Open autonomous systems
  • Industrial multi-domain web
  • Streaming data analysis
  • Smart city applications and services

Track 4: Web of Trust

  • Hidden web analytics
  • Blockchain analytics and technologies
  • Web-scale security, integrity, privacy and trust
  • Web cryptography
  • Fake content and fraud detection
  • Web safety and openness
  • Monetization services and applications

Track 5: Web of Health

  • Personalized health management and analytics
  • Health data exchange and sharing
  • Big data in medicine
  • Wellbeing and healthcare in the digital era
  • Omics research and trends
  • Healthcare and medical applications and services

Find more information on the Official website of Web Intelligence 2019.