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EC Workshop on Intelligent Cities Challenge in Brussels, October 8

The European Commission’ s DG Grow is organising a workshop-format event on Tuesday October 8, between 09:15 and 10:45 in Brussels, moderated by Dana Eleftheriadou.

As part of the effort to use advanced technologies to drive smart, sustainable growth and boost job creation while tackling economic, environmental and social challenges, the EC has launched the Digital Cities Challenge, an initiative that helped 41 European cities to develop strategies for smart growth empowered by advanced technologies.

The 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge will take the torch from the Digital Cities Challenge by the end of 2019, as the Commission is expanding the network with new cities from Europe and the rest of the world.

The new initiative is expected catalyse the digitisation of the city infrastructures, facilitate business access to advanced technologies and big data, promote nature-based solutions, help create the talents that the cities need and boost innovation. The ultimate goal is to inspire, empower and coach cities to develop powerful innovation ecosystems and pave the way for a strategy for EU Cities in the 21st century.

Details and a link for registering to the session can be found here.