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Co-Aps_New Application for public transportation density management

Co-Aps is a mobile application used to manage density in public transport and public spaces amid the COVID19 pandemic. Pilots have been implemented in the cities of Barcelona, Istanbul, Sofia and Karditsa.  

The Co-Aps platform implements mobile technology to gather anonymous user data, open data from cities and data from third party services, associated with density. It then provides them to public transport operators and city authorities with the aim to inform and better protect citizens against the global pandemic.

Through in-app challenges and games, the users are being asked questions that lead to a real-time assessment. How busy is it in a specific station? What percentage of passengers is wearing masks? Users can compete among each other, complete challenges and win prizes.

Data gathered through the App are analysed and statistics are provided through the website. The statistics provide information on age, gender, and preferred mean of transport per city. The platform includes embedded options for data management towards privacy, that comply with the EU General Data Privacy Regulation.

Co-Aps will develop a library that can be integrated with any travel companion or operator, based on the pilot outcomes.

You can find more information and download the application for iOS and Android in the application website.