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The use of collaboration to drive innovation is apparent in every aspect of our business and personal life. It is a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Product life cycles are shrinking and technology companies are looking for ways to stay competitive.

As more companies strive to meet the demand for new and better products and services, there is also an increasing demand for customization. Customers want new products, with new features, and often the ability to personalize to their unique needs.

The good news is: many great inventions are born out of ones that are already existing. As a result, many existing products can be integrated into new combinations, enabling rapid innovation.

Innovating with smart environments
As tech companies consider smart environments, there are many places to start. Some of the massive issues facing cities, society, and the environment include waste management, crime, pollution, transportation, and daily living.

By looking at the current state of technology use, companies can identify unique ways to help consumers reduce waste, increase awareness, and simplify daily life.

Just look at the simple changes we’ ve made in the last year. Technology advances such as software apps are in daily use. Consumers use apps to order food, schedule subscription deliveries, and stay in contact with friends, family, and coworkers. The public is increasingly comfortable with using technologies to achieve order and safety in daily living.

Grocery stores have shifted to home delivery, which can easily be monitored with apps. Home services such as mobile car repair, medical supplies, and water delivery are commonplace. The overall consumer experience using technology is one of convenience, ease, and peace of mind.

Just a few years ago, many of the technology-driven services we take for granted did not exist.

Within a city, county, or region, there are many opportunities for tech companies to invent services and products to create greater ease in daily living. The question is: how to achieve this most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let’ s take the resources you have on hand to rapidly get your ideas to market.

Sourcing capabilities
More and more companies are turning to new partnerships to get help with sourcing. The business innovation experts at McKinsey predict that more companies will accelerate innovation by working in new ways with their suppliers.

By rethinking supplier innovation, forward-facing companies are radically changing their capabilities and expanding their ability to offer customized solutions.

New products and services based on a combination/integration of existing ones. Consider the use of footswitches to turn on electrical equipment. This technology is used in a wide variety of industries. The unassuming footswitch offers a new realm of convenience and hands-free ease for the user. Some of the common uses are tattoo guns, soldering machines, medical bed controls, sewing machines, industrial machinery, and guitar pedals.

With a footswitch, you can offer options that appeal to your end-user. For example, in a sewing machine, a latching footswitch allows a user to apply continuous pressure, resulting in consistent even stitching. The footswitch enables the user to operate the sewing machine and keep their hands free.

In technology innovation, there is often the feeling that there’ s too much to do’”and not enough time to do it. This is why many tech companies are turning to new ways to source products. An item such as a footswitch could transform your product and help you get an innovation to market’”in record time.

Engineering services
Are you looking for a way to stay abreast with industry news and technology advances? Are you seeking to provide products and solutions that require advanced engineering and design? By working with a manufacturing partner, you have access to state-of-the-art products, custom options, and modular solutions.

Specialized components such as electronic components can help your company save time, save money, and bring new ideas to market. By innovating with exclusive strategic partners, you can expand your engineering services in ways that may have previously been out of reach.

Supply chain solutions
Supply chain innovation helps you unlock new opportunities. You may be able to optimize costs, reduce total costs, and get your ideas to market much faster.

For many companies, there are opportunities to combine products and solutions’”just waiting for you to invent. The advantages of looking at your supply chain management are clear. You can reduce inventory overhead by managing your stock, and accessing what you need just in time. This helps tech companies build better products, save time, save money, improve cash flow, and improve lead times.

By working with a strategic partner you can leverage your supply chain and meet the escalating demand for innovative products and services.

Final thoughts
By combining products and solutions that are already available on the market, organizations can save time and get ideas to market at a greater speed. Many of the solutions are already waiting for you when you evaluate your current sourcing, engineering services, and supply chain solutions.