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Smart Cities in the Post-algorithmic Era: a review

The book review by Aharon Kellerman, University of Haifa, published in the special issue “Smart, sustainable and fair cities” of Geography Research Forum, vol. 40, 2020 points out:
“The concept of smart cities has become widely applied and studied as of the 1990s. However, this edited volume presents a rather fresh, challenging and even provocative
perspectives for smart cities. Traditionally, smart cities have been viewed as being able to ‘˜address more effectively complex contemporary problems of growth and sustainability and provide more intelligent systems of decision-making and innovation’ (p. 1). Smart cities have been further assumed to be IT (information technology) based, technologies which are termed in this book as the ‘˜algorithmic logic’ .

This volume claims for a wider platform required for contemporary smart cities, so that IT ‘˜can be much more effective if combined with other sources of intelligence available in cities, such as human intelligence, creativity and innovation, and collective and collaborative intelligence within institutions or over platforms’ (p. 2). Smart cities are viewed, therefore, as no less social entities as technological and organizational ones.”

The book: Komninos, N. and Kakderi, C. (2019). Smart Cities in the Post-algorithmic Era: Integrating technologies, platforms and governance. Edward Elgar, Cities series.

The review is available here: Smart cities post-algorithmic logic-Book Review GRF 40 2020