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ClimateOS: A Platform towards Climate Action Plans

ClimateOS is a platform created by ClimateView with the aim to support cities with climate action plans towards net-zero emissions. It is a platform addressed to cities, municipalities and regional governments.

The platform is promising to make climate change a collaborative, transparent and dynamic process. The company claims that the platform balances the transition to net-zero with a city’ s economic needs and provides an interactive tool to ensure the success of the plan’ s delivery.

Through the app, users can understand how activities are driving emissions in their city, and the mechanisms to reduce them. At the same time, they can calculate the climate impact of policy decisions and engage stakeholders in order to collaborate the transition.

Up to now, multiple cities have used the platform across Sweden, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and United States (upcoming). According to ClimateView, 26,382,288 citizens’ emissions are managed by ClimateOS as of March 17, 2021.

The dynamic platform has integrated the following activities:

  • Activity Mapping: With pre-populated or imported data
  • Targets Setting
  • Pathway Discovery
  • Implementations
  • Co-benefits (coming soon): Identify the costs and benefits of the plan
  • Engagement: Involve stakeholders and citizens
  • Reporting (coming soon): Automatically create GHG-protocol reports
  • Funding & Financing (coming soon): Leverage robust data to help support financing objectives

Through interactive visualisations, the technology also helps to improve carbon literacy and transparency citywide by enabling all stakeholders to understand the city’ s action plan, assess where cross-party collaboration is required, and make direct contributions. In turn, ClimateView said this will enable climate strategists to fast-track decision making processes.

Instead of working backwards from national, top-down emissions data, ClimateOS is powered by a holistic pool of bottom-up variables such as a city’ s size, its corresponding socio-economic parameters, and physical operations.

ClimateView is a climate action technology company that combines scientific modelling, machine learning and interface design to help cities understand and act on the complex climate challenge, clearly.

You can find the platform here.