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Transformation of Industry Ecosystems in Cities and Regions: A Generic Pathway for Smart and Green Transition

Published in Sustainability, this research paper focuses on pathways towards the digital and green transition. We assess a generic pathway for the transformation of industry ecosystems in cities and regions based on processes of “prioritisation”, “ecosystem identification”, and “platform-based digital and green transition”. Our interest in the transformation of activity-based ecosystems by the twin transition, digital and green, is both theoretical and methodological.

  • At the level of theory, we attempt to connect several discrete theory strands dealing with industrial change, innovation, smart systems, and climate-neutral technologies, which are driving this transformation.
  • At the level of methodology, the ambition is to identify pathways to manage the evolving transformation of industry ecosystems under the influence of   digital and green transitions.

The three instances of this generic pathway work in tandem: “Prioritisation’ lowers complexity and allows the potential for system change in the most important industries to be assessed, while maintaining a high level of granularity and detail. “Ecosystem identification’ delineates the change at the level of industry groups rather than individual companies, maximising the impact and ensuring the public character of innovation policy. “Platform-based smart and green transition’ strengthens the ecosystem perspective with technologies and solutions over which many organisations can build complementary products and services.

The paper (pdf): 2022-Indusrtry ecosystems-Sustainability-1810340