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Connected intelligence for the smart green transition: call for papers

URENIO Research organises a session at the 25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2023) that will take place at the AC Bella Sky Hotel and Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23-28 July 2023. HCII2023 will run as an ‘in-person’ conference with the option for remote participation.

The title of URENIO’s session is “Human, collective, and machine intelligence for the smart green transition of cities”.The smart and green transitions are major drivers of cities in the 21st century. The smart transition refers to the adoption of digital technologies, such as automation and robotisation, sensor networks, IoT, cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS), analytics, big data, and AI. The green transition is guided by objectives of sustainability and adaptation to climate change and brings in fundamental changes in energy, transport, housing, and city forms, introducing different types of innovations such as radical technical innovation (electric vehicles, decarbonisation), grassroots and social innovation (platforms, car sharing, bike clubs), and business model innovation (MaaS, infrastructural). The session aims to investigate how different types of intelligence in cities, (human intelligence of the city population, collective intelligence of communities and ecosystems, and machine intelligence of digital infrastructure, e-services, and data) and their integration into connected intelligence or hybrid intelligence produce innovations for the twin smart green transition.

You are cordially invited to consider submitting a paper proposal.
Deadline for abstract submissions for review: 10 November 2022

You can send an abstract at: info@urenio.org or komninos@urenio.org
Papers will appear in the Conference Proceedings to be published by Springer in a multi-volume set.