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Twin Transition and changing patterns of spatial mobility

MOBI-TWIN, a Horizon Europe project dedicated to unraveling the dynamics of spatial mobility under the digital and green transition and its significant impact on European Union regions. The project aims to comprehend the intricate patterns of mobility and leverage this knowledge to foster regional governance and prosperity.

MOBI-TWIN key areas of focus include analysing the factors that shape human mobility behaviour, taking into account the influence of the twin transition on regional attractiveness. The project also examines the evolving equilibrium among different forms of spatial mobility and its implications for EU regions. Through advanced modeling techniques, the project assesses the consequences of changing mobility patterns on demographics, society, welfare systems, and the labor market. Additionally, the project envisions tailored strategies that capitalize on positive outcomes, promoting sustainable development and maximizing benefits for EU regions.
More about the project and partners at https://mobi-twin-project.eu/