Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation ecosystems

HCI International 2024 session “Intelligence Reimagining Innovation Ecosystems”

HCI International 2024, jointly with the affiliated Conferences will take place at the Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington DC, USA (29 June – 4 July 2024).

URENIO Research organises, in framework of DAPI, the virtual session “Intelligence Reimagining Innovation Ecosystems”. The session highlights the substantial shifts in urban and regional innovation ecosystems, driven by technologies that underscore different types of intelligence.

Over the past two decades, cities and regions worldwide have channeled investments into creating comprehensive research and innovation ecosystems, composed of R&D labs, research institutes, districts for technology and innovation, startup incubators, co-working spaces, accelerators, and support institutions. Concurrently, digital transformation has given rise to new research and innovation paradigms based on data and networking, digital innovation platforms, smart ecosystems, data-driven innovation, crowdsourced skills and funding, and citizen science initiatives. These facets, intertwined, craft a fabric of interactive spaces of intelligence, technology, talent, and solutions, creating a new landscape of innovation.

We invite papers that analyze the significant transformations occurring in innovation ecosystems of cities and regions, exploring how digital technologies, advances in artificial intelligence, enhanced cognitive abilities, collective wisdom, and machine computational power are amplifying these ecosystems.

Proceedings will be published by Springer and will appear in volumes of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).

You can submit an abstract of up to 500 words for review to komninos@urenio.org
The deadline for submissions is 20 December 2023.