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Digitally Disrupted Space, by Anastasia Panori

Digitally Disrupted Space: Proximity and New Development Opportunities for Regions and Cities, by Anastasia Panori, has just been published by Elsevier Smart Cities Series.

The book develops an analytical framework of the digital space structural elements and their impact on existing spatial interactions at the urban and regional levels. The book puts forth the argument that digital space is a new form of space acting complementary to existing spatial structures and creating novel interactions between and/or within them. It explores three research questions: (a) What disruptions do digital technologies introduce to the concept of space, specifically in terms of space dynamics, space connectors, and space routines? (b) How does the digital space impact the twin transition? (c) What challenges does the digital space present for regional development, particularly in terms of productivity, resilience, and inclusion?

Panori suggests a holistic approach to the design of urban and regional space that considers the interaction between physical, social, cultural, and technological aspects. She advances an ongoing research agenda of URENIO Research that investigates how digital spaces enhance connected intelligence by combining knowledge-intensive activities, cooperation between organizational and institutional actors, and smart environments of knowledge creation and innovation.