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Call for Papers, Technovation Special Issue

Digital Platforms, Generative AI, and the Future of Territorial Innovation Systems: Navigating the New Landscape of Intelligence and Innovation

Technovation Special Issue
Call for Papers

Territorial innovation systems are considered the driving force behind the development of cities and regions, explaining the capacity of certain territories to propel and incubate technology, innovation, and knowledge-based growth. Cities and regions provide the physical and institutional framework for networking among key innovation actors, such as financiers, who provide proper funding for innovation; research organizations, which offer technology and new knowledge; producers along with their suppliers, undertaking production processes; and market makers, who create or open markets with lead users, users, and customers, as well as institutions safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights or framing policies and incentives for innovation.

The future of territorial innovation systems is currently intertwined with the evolution of digital platforms and generative AI. As digital technologies continue to shape the innovation landscape, incorporating intelligent computing, collective intelligence, and open innovation becomes increasingly relevant. These advancements impact all territories and pave the way for the development of smart cities and the sustainable growth of regions. Furthermore, the interplay between territorial factors, intelligence, and innovation is a critical aspect that requires more attention in research.

This special issue explores the transformative impact of digital platforms and generative AI on territorial innovation systems. It delves into how these technological advancements are reshaping the landscapes of urban and regional innovation, fostering new types of intelligence, enhancing cognitive abilities, and leveraging collective wisdom and computational power. The focus is on how digitalisation, particularly through AI and digital platforms, creates new opportunities for innovation through data-driven processes, smart ecosystems, and connected intelligence mechanisms.

The detailed Special Issue focus and themes are in the Call for Papers attached below.

Guest Editors

  • Prof. Elias G. Carayannis, George Washington University, USA (caraye@gwu.edu)
  • Prof. Nicos Komninos, Aristotle University, Greece (komninos@urenio.org)
  • Dr. Stavros Sindakis, Hellenic Open University, Greece (sindakis.stavros@ac.eap.gr)

Important Dates

  • Submissions System Opens: 1 July 2024
  • Paper Submission Deadline: 31 January 2025
  • First Round Review Decision to Authors: 30 April 2025
  • Revised Manuscript Due: 29 August 2025
  • Second Round Review Decision to Authors: 28 November 2025
  • Final Revised Manuscript Due: 27 February 2026
  • Final Author Notification of Acceptance: 1 June 2026

Call for Papers: Technovation_Special Issue Call for Papers_AI4TIS