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Best Practice Guide for Cloud and As-A-Service Procurements

2014-09-08_102704This guide, built upon the collaborative work of state and local government and industry executives, outlines and explains the changes needed for more flexible and agile procurement processes.  Specifically, the guide includes direction on issues like security, audits and breach notification; terms and conditions and templates for SaaS, PaaS and Iaas models;

Toronto: the 2014 Intelligent Community of the Year

IC-of-Year_Logo-2Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the 2014 Intelligent Community of the Year as determined by the judges of the Intelligent Community Forum.  This was the third year that Toronto reached the finals and the Top7 Intelligent Communities list (previously in 2005, and 2013).  It is the first Canadian city to capture the Intelligent Community Forum’ s global award since 2007

Designing the Urban Future: Smart Cities

downloadThe editors of the Scientific American have published an e-book about the future of cities. The book consists of 31 chapters divided in eight sections: the first section “Cities of the Future’ aims to explore this new concept, while the second, “Drivers: Innovation and Creativity,’ delves into how cities can and do make the most use of their best resource: human capital.

Getting smarter about smart cities

New_Picture_95_Brookings Institution has just published a document capturing the discussion results of a two day event on Smart Cities. The event, that took place more than a year ago (9-10 December 2013), brought together officials from cities throughout Europe, Canada and the United States to better understand the promise and practice for smart cities around the world today.

Trusted Cloud Europe

New Picture (92)The European Cloud Partnership (ECP) has recently published a document outlining a set of ideas on how Europe can help public and private organisations use, buy and sell cloud services in a safe and trusted environment. ‘˜Establishing a Trusted Cloud Europe’ report is a policy vision document developed within the framework of the European Cloud Computing Strategy