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The challenge of paying for smart cities projects

A new report, published by Deloitte, investigates how cities can effectively finance smart city projects. Government officials need to understand the projects and their values and then analyse the full range of options for funding, financing, and procurement before choosing the strategies that best fit their situation, according to the report.

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With the growth of smart cities, how do we build smart citizens to match?

People involved in creating the world’ s smart cities might think everyone knows what a smart city is. But in reality, only 18% of people have heard of the term ‘˜smart city’ , let alone understood what it means. Moreover, emerging technologies such as AI, play a key role in smart city projects; even so, they are alien to most of the public. Continue reading

How 5G Can Help Municipalities Become Vibrant Smart Cities

The next generation of wireless network infrastructure will be built using small-cell networks employing 5G wireless technology. This report presents how the connectivity and computing capacity unleashed by these high-speed wireless networks can have significant economic and community benefits, through reductions in energy usage, traffic congestion and fuel costs, or by creating jobs as well as entire new industries across the United States.

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