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City Planning e-Government

E-Government is a new report that provides an overview of technology tools and products for local e-government, such as online permitting, e-maill listservevs, delivery of electronic planning documents, and web-based mapping. It is written by Jennifer Evans-Cowley, AICP, and Maria Manta Conroy, assistant professors of City and Regional Planning at Ohio State University, and

Kansai Science City

The purpose of the KSC project is to develop and organize Culture and Scientific Research Districts; a group of twelve new districts in an area of approximately 15,000 hectares, where the three prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara meet. By this development method, in which the area is divided into a group of small districts, harmonization with the natural environment and the local communities is made possible.

About Innovation

Paul Schumann, editor and publisher of the Innovation Road Map describes the linguistic origins of innovation, creativity and ingenuity:
“Innovation, innovate, innovator, innovant, innovative, innovatory, renovate, novation, these are but a few forms of the central concept within innovation – nova. Nova is Latin but it originates from the Indo-European neuos. Neuos meant new or now…….