Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Clusters

Green Cities Performance

Infographic-Green City LeadersThe infographic “Which Cities are Embracing the Green Revolution” is a comparative break-down of current environmental measures being executed in six of the world’ s major urban centres: New York, Vancouver, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. It presents metrics of cities’ performance in areas such as CO2 emissions,

Open Innovation 2.0, Smart Cities, Living Labs

Open Innovation 2.0The yearbook Open Innovation 2013 (with the sub-theme ‘˜Open Innovation 2.0’ ) published by the Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission, highlights two main perspectives: firstly, the disruptive nature of Open Innovation 2.0 and, secondly, the nature of open innovation eco ¬systems which are fostering jobs and sustainable growth.

Smart Specialisation Strategies in Greece

This series of 14 reports deal with Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation in Greece. These reports have been prepared at the request of the Directorate-General for Regional Policy, Greece and Cyprus Unit, of the European Commission.  They are targeted at national, regional and local authorities, business, higher education and non-governmental stakeholders (the so-called quadruple helix) in Greece and the 13 Greek regions.

Applications for Smart Cities: JTAER special issue

This open access special issue of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER) on Applications for Smart Cities has been edited by Hans Schaffers (Aalto University, Centre of Knowledge and Innovation Research), Carlo Ratti (MIT, Senseable City Laboratory) and Nicos Komninos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, URENIO Research).