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TRIMIS: EU just launched a new Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System

TRIMIS post logoOne of the key domains that the design and implementation of Smart Cities address is transport. Smart cities around the world attempt to leverage new and developing technologies to solve their transportation problems. These efforts to bring transportation systems networks into the 21st century is a critical component to any smart city project. Tomorrow’ s smart cities attempt to redefine sustainability and liveability.

Digital entrepreneurship: An idea bank for local policymakers

nesta digital enterpreneurhsip logoThis publication by nesta.org is an idea bank aiming to help local European policymakers and influencers create better conditions for entrepreneurship at the regional or city level. The publication is detailed and covers all the major areas on which local policy makers should address different challenges. The publication includes as Annex a Policy Action Guide with a template for policy makers to support the designing of a useful mix of policies to support digital entrepreneurship suited to different environments. The included guide contains ten-steps which comprise an idealised policy process and are not so straightforward in reality.

Call for Submissions for ICEIRD 2017 is now open!

International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2017) The call for submissions for the 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2017) is now open. If you are you an academic, a university technology manager, an entrepreneur, a policy-maker, an investor or you represent a business interested in the theory and practice of university-industry links as well as innovation, entrepreneurship, and regional development?