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Accessible Smart Cities Initiative

G3ict ‘“ the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies ‘“ and World Enabled teamed up to create the Defining Accessible Smart Cities Initiative. Sponsored by Microsoft, the initiative’ s goal is to increase awareness of the role that accessible technology must play in the planning, deployment, and functioning of smart cities worldwide and how smart cities can better engage persons with disabilities and aging communities in those processes.

The future of public sectors in a citizen-centric digital world

Read this report from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to learn how governments can be more efficient, agile and resilient, and help drive economic growth, improve the quality of life, and create sustainable communities. According to the report, digital innovations and changing demographics are redefining government by the people, for the people. In a digital-first world, public sectors must rethink their approach to providing citizens with the services and information it needs to flourish in the future.

Deloitte Review, Special section: Smart cities and the future of mobility

Will anyone still drive cars in years to come, or will the cars do all the driving themselves? How could technology transform our urban environments? And what does it really mean for a city to be “smart’?  Deloitte Review’ s  20th issue looks ahead to explore two science-fiction futures that are fast becoming reality: smart cities and the future of mobility.

e-Book: How to Talk to Civic Hackers

The book, written by Mark Headd, one of the first municipal Chief Data Officers in the United States, is meant for public servants and people working inside government who want to connect with innovators and technologists outside of the bureaucracy. It highlights strategies they can use to collaborate with people doing interesting and valuable work that can benefit or support the mission of government.

Trends in Smart City Development

“Trends in Smart City Development” is a new report from the National League of Cities featuring case studies about how five cities ‘“ Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., and New Delhi, India ‘“ are using different approaches to implement smart city projects. The report also provides recommendations to help local governments consider and plan smart city projects.