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European Innovation Workshop in Edinburgh

The European Innovation Workshop will take place in Edinburgh from the 5th to 9th October, 2005. The workshop is this year’s occasion for European innovation facilitators. The main goals with the workshop is to learn from the PAXIS network in transferring innovation policy, tools and programmes; to discuss how the PAXIS experience can go to the next level in the new Inno-Initiative; to get to know the actors of the Europe projects in sectoral innovation financing and cluster networks.

Intel’s Digital City Vision

Digital Cities are proliferating worldwide. Intel® is one of the major manufactuers of technologies that enable governments to deliver the interoperable services that facilitate interaction between departments, businesses and citizens, in ways that they want and at minimum cost.

Learn more about Intel’s integrated vision for government services that support and enable Government efficiency, safety and security, economic vitality, and citizen satisfaction.

Top 20 Innovative Companies in the World

In late 2004, The Boston Consulting Group conducted its second annual global survey of senior executives on innovation and the innovation-to-cash (ITC) process. A total of 940 executives, representing 68 countries and all major industries, participated.

This report highlights some of the top-level findings from the survey and explores the implications. It also offers a framework to guide managers as they continue to think about how to turn their ideas into profits.

Digital Corfu

The aim of the project is the digital representation of the Old Town of Corfu, including a series of information: the city, the monuments, the cultural events and activities, and also commercial and tourist information (hotels, restaurants, museums).

A web site supports virtual itineraries in the historical centre, combining interactive maps and panoramic images. The creation of Digital Corfu is based on an extented survey of the Old City.