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Ioannina Smart City Hackathon 2019

The Municipality of Ioannina and the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Ioannina, are organising the Ioannina Hackathon 2019. Ioannina Hackathon 2019 is a contest for the development and creation of applications that will address the real needs of Ioannina city, upgrade the quality of life of citizens and visitors, and enhance the city’ s digital transformation. Continue reading

NEWBITS project: recommendations for new ITS business models

The Consortium of the H2020 project NEWBITS (New Business Models for ITS) held its final conference at the European Parliament on 21st of March 2019, having gathered together guests from the European Commission (DG MOVE), European Parliament (ECR Group), as well as representatives of stakeholders, industry speakers and members of ITS community. NEWBITS has produced science knowledge to support the development of the European ITS industry, but also to improve the impact of research on European policy-making. Continue reading

NEWBITS presents high-level evidence-based recommendations to boost innovation diffusion in the ITS sector

Within the framework of the H2020 project NEWBITS (New Business Models for ITS), a benchmark analysis of ITS innovation diffusion processes between Europe and the United States was performed, to ground an evidence-based categorisation of success determinants and barriers affecting ITS deployment as well as to formulate key recommendations for successful technology transferability. Continue reading

NEWBITS presented its new collaboration platform for ITS stakeholders at the DG MOVE lunchtime conference

The H2020 project NEWBITS (New Business Models for ITS) supporting the initiatives and actions of the Directorate General MOVE, upon invitation of the Projects’ Officer Mr. Georgios Tzamalis, had the opportunity to present NEWBITS research results to eleven members of different departments of DG-MOVE at a lunchtime conference in Brussels on 30th of November 2018. Continue reading

Launch of the NEWBITS Network Platform – An online collaboration tool for ITS services

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have a great potential for making passenger and freight transport greener and more efficient. Nevertheless, the introduction of ITS applications to the market remains a major challenge. Collaboration of different stakeholders is thereby key for success. Continue reading

Benchmarking innovation diffusion in the Intelligent Transport Systems sector in Europe and the US

Within the framework of the EU-funded NEWBITS project, a benchmark analysis of ITS innovation diffusion[1] has been performed for three specific areas of ITS innovation: 1) Sharing Mobility, 2) Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and 3) Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’ s).   Continue reading

The Value lies in the Network: The Success of Platform Companies

Many have envied the success of AirBnb, Amazon, Alibaba and other similar platform companies. It is apparent that companies with network based business models are much better at creating value.   According to the authors of this article, many of traditional type businesses can be also successful, harnessing the power of platforms and networks, without having to turn themselves into a Silicon Valley Startup, meaning reinventing their business model.   Continue reading