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How Industries Can Better Support Workers in a Post-Covid World

We are not yet in a post-covid world. We will get there. But it will take some time. Things are moving in the right direction. Deaths and hospitalizations are starting to decline. But new variants are more contagious than the original. One vaccine company had to stop trials in South Africa because it was not effective against that strain of the virus. The vaccines we do have are slowly finding their way into arms. However, in the U.S., that process is chaotic. Continue reading

Working from home: How to Reduce Home Office Echo

Working from home sounds like it would be perfect. It’ s a comfortable space, and you enjoy working while your dog naps beside you. Then you take a call from a client who says, “I can’ t hear you; are you on a speakerphone? There is a lot of background noise and an echo.’ The background noise is an embarrassing situation. Your phone call’s poor quality is due to the reverberation of sound, also known as an echo. And it’ s a growing problem for many people who find themselves now working from their home offices.   Continue reading

Five Aerospace Technologies We Use Everyday

Last month, NASA once again made spacefaring history by successfully landing the Perseverance rover on the Martian surface. The size of a small car, Perseverance is the result of decades of innovative technologies and scientific breakthroughs. It’ s an incredible feat that should give everyone on Earth a sense of shared pride in our ability to overcome challenges in pursuit of human exploration. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

Banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are digitally transforming to meet client needs better. To optimize operations and improve processes means you need to do more than upgrading systems or outsourcing processes. You need to innovate. One way to achieve this is by using robotic process automation to improve your financial services’ speed and accuracy. Continue reading