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Human rights aspects in India’ s Smart City Mission: a study by HLRN, India

India’ s Smart Cities Mission aims to create 100 ‘˜smart cities’ in the country by the year 2020. The Mission, one of the most publicized among the many slogan-led schemes of the National Democratic Alliance government, is characterized by ambitious goals, large planned investments, multiple private sector actors, and new governance structures induced by the corporatization of cities. As the Mission completed two years in June 2017, the Housing and Land Rights Network of India (HLRN) examines how it has unfolded and what exactly it means for India’ s urban

Futuristic smart cities under development: Tech titans and utopia fever

Maybe it’ s the sudden flurry of flying car proposals or the hype over hyperloop, but it seems like tech companies are finally ready to build the cities of the future we’ ve been obsessing about in films for years.

Smart city technology, a combination of Internet of Things connectivity and massive technological integration at the metro level, has long been a

Bill Gates plans to build a smart city in the Arizona desert

An investment firm controlled by the Microsoft co-founder buys land for a city that will feature cutting-edge tech at its core. Bill Gates can see the future — in the Arizona desert. The investment firm, controlled by the Microsoft co-founder, has bought nearly 25,000 acres about 45 miles west of Phoenix to build a smart city, a community built from the ground up with the idea of integrating technology into its residents’ lives. The proposed community, known as Belmont, would serve as a “template” for development of

The European Commission awards Paris as most innovative European city in 2017

On 7 November 2017, the European Commission awarded the 2017 European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) prize of €1,000,000 to Paris (France). The iCapital award, granted under the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, recognises Paris for its inclusive innovation strategy. Tallinn (Estonia) and Tel Aviv (Israel) were selected as runners-up, and were both awarded €100,000. The prize money will be used to scale up and further expand the cities’ innovation efforts.