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Mind-to market : University Biotechnology Research Transfer

The Milken Institute released an in-depth examination of the world’s leading universities for biotechnology research and technology transfer, namely the ability of those universities to turn their intellectual property into commercial applications. This examination of the commercialization of university research reveals that the U.S. dominates the top rankings on many key measures, including published research, patents issued and licensing income.

Virtual ISP

VISP project logo VISP is a 6th Framework Specific Targeted Research Project. The project objective is the development of a software platform enabling a cluster of SMEs to operate as a single business entity with dynamic business models and produce tailored (specialised, complex and individualised)
Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions adapted to local business needs. The project partenrship is composed of 7 ICT sector SMEs and 4 research centres from 11 countries in Europe.