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TM Forum Publishes ‘City as a Platform’ Manifesto

Like public administrations across Europe, cities are having difficulties getting to grips with the opportunities and challenges generated by digital transformation. The implementation of initiatives that harness the potential of the digitalisation for the benefit of citizens and businesses, such as smart cities, is challenging. A smart city is a place where the traditional networks

Schiedam / Netherlands: From smart land-use to sustainable communities

Schiedam’s approach to smart land use to sustainable communities has been put forward as an URBACT good practice example. The city is situated near Rotterdam, in the Netherlands’ most densely populated urban area. With a predominantly low-income population of 78,000, Schiedam decided to promote upward social mobility by improving its housing stock and facilities,

On the road to becoming a Smart Citizen

This report, created by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) names the current challenges of digital inclusion, describes the skills required by a Smart Citizen and attempts to locate those skills geographically. Last but not least, it describes tools aimed at developing competences in a targeted way.

Innovate UK’s Predictions for our Cities of the Future

Over two thirds of the population will live in urban areas by 2050, which will cause a massive increase in demand for services. So what needs to change? Technological developments such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things will allow cities to become smart, almost thinking like a human brain