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World Cities Report 2016: Urbanization and Development-Emerging Futures


This report, published by UN Habitat, presents an analysis of urban development of the past twenty years that shows, with compelling evidence, that there are new forms of collaboration and cooperation, planning, governance, finance and learning that can sustain positive change. The report unequivocally demonstrates that the current urbanization model is unsustainable in many respects and it needs to change in order to better respond to the challenges of our time and address issues such as inequality, climate change, informality, insecurity, and the unsustainable forms of urban expansion.

Urban Europe – Statistics on cities, towns and suburbs

urban-europeThis report, published by Eurostat on September 2016, provides detailed information for a number of territorial typologies that can be used to paint a picture of urban developments and urban life in the EU Member States, as well as European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and candidate countries.

Each chapter presents statistical information in the form of maps, tables and figures, accompanied by a description of the policy context and a set of main findings.

WEF White Paper on Future of Mobility and Big Data

WEF1In this WEF White Paper the essential role of mobility is highlighted through its application on human and economic interactions. Under this scope, the use of big data flows is considered to be a crucial parameter regarding the evolution of urban mobility. This paper constitutes a guide through which local governments can improve urban mobility, through policies based on collective effort. Furthermore, it investigates selected case studies related to best practices and resources.