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Open Data for All: 2017 Progress Report

At the fourth International Open Data Conference in Madrid, Spain in October 2016, New  York City’ s Chief Analytics Officer debuted the Open Data team’ s six “Open Data Values.’  Each of these values is presented here, along with a specific step the administration has taken  to ensure that every new open data initiative reflects the Open Data for All vision: that  every New Yorker can benefit from Open Data, and that Open Data can benefit from every  New Yorker.

The Urban Resilience Summit lecture videos

This week, nearly 500 urban resilience leaders from cities around the world, including 80 Chief Resilience Officers, are gathering in New York City to share ideas and innovations from their cities, collaborate on new solutions, explore New York as a living laboratory for urban resilience, and to together chart the course of the movement. Here is the programme and links to video lectures (from 100ResilientCities)

White Paper: Smart City Value Chain

The Smart City Value Chain White Paper, produced by e-Madina Smart City cluster, tries to explore the role of cities in addressing global issues. It highlights the fact that the Smart & Sustainable City approach is the solution adopted by more and more cities around the world, and it is seen as a quick way for cities to modernize by combining people’ s collective intelligence with information technology. At the same time, in the case of developing countries, this approach is an opportunity for them to catch up with advanced countries by accelerating their transformation in a sustainable and responsible way.

Open Data Initiatives in medium-sized European cities

This report by the European Data Portal, investigates the Open Data Initiatives in eight medium-sized European cities: Dublin, Florence, Gdansk, Ghent, Helsinki, Thessaloniki and Vilnius.  Overall, this report shows that not only Europe’ s most prominent cities like Barcelona and Paris – as featured in a previous report of the same entity – are maturing on their Open Data journey, but that also medium-sized cities are taking bold steps on their Open Data journey.

Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor, created by the JRC of the European Commission, is a new tool to monitor and assess the performance of ‘Cultural and Creative Cities’ in Europe vis-à-vis their peers using both quantitative and qualitative data. This first edition of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor shows how well 168 selected cities in 30 European countries